On My Wishlist: ASOS Book Clutch

Once Upon a Time
Asos Book Clutches in Green, Keyhole and Coral

As much as I am utterly smitten with Olympia Le-Tan book clutches (on the "someday, somehow" wishlist), their hefty price tag has been a major obstacle for me and my humble budget. Something to save up for certainly, but in the meantime, what's a book-clutch loving librarian to do? Enter these tasseled book clutches from Asos, which I actually squealed in delight upon seeing. I think I've found my stand-ins until an Olympia Le-Tan original can be mine.


Elise said...

These are fabulous! I would love one!

Rebecca said...

I adore these book clutches! I have been wanting one for myself ever since I saw them on the red carpet last year!


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

These are so perfect! The Olympa Le Tan ones are great, but these are perfect lower priced options. Have you seen the ones Kate Spade did? They're lovely too. xE

Angela said...

they are perfect!

Angela Donava

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