Pink Leopard

Sweater: Forever 21 Tank: Forever 21 Leopard Skinnies: Forever 21 Wristlet: Coach Shoes: Aldo
A blogger who I've followed for a long time recently did a post mentioning colours redheads cannot wear, and how being a redhead necessitates organizing your wardrobe around your hair colour. Considering the lady in question is not actually a natural redhead, I wasn't sure that her advice was completely on point (although to her credit, she was raising the possibility of redheads wearing a red lip). In her list of problem colours, the usual suspects were included - namely pink, red, and  orange. Also supposedly a bad colour for redheads was ... turquoise?!?? Utterly baffling, especially considering it's probably one of the best colour for us ginger ladies! At least it is for me!

This whole thing was on my mind particularly since this look features pink - supposedly the "worst" colour for redheads. Personally, I have worn pink in various shades my whole life, and I've always been happy with how it looks. Certainly there are shades of colours that don't work on me, but it's more my pale skin than my hair that's a worry. I don't wear a lot of baby pink, because it washes me out a bit (pale skin, remember?) but brighter shades certainly work! Especially if there are undertones of blue in the shade - those typically work well. This is true for both clothes and beauty products -  and the rules remain the same for both orange and red. I've found in all cases it's all about finding the shade that works, and any colour can work with (or in spite of) auburn locks. Rant over.

Fabulous photography thanks to my lovely and talented BFF Holly!

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MJ said...

This combination of patterns and colours could look so trashy but you put it together so well and it looks wonderful on you! And I love pink on redheads :)

The Golden Girls said...

STUNNING! I love that color on you! So fab! xx The Golden Girls

Despina T. said...

beautiful colours.lovely styling.

aimee said...

I've heard the orange comment before, but not pink! I used to shy away from bright colours but since embracing them I've felt SO much more comfortable in my wardrobe.

I recently purchased a hot pink dress and it looks awesome with my orange hair. Redheads can wear anything, frig the haters!

Nancy said...

I'm a fellow natural redhead and I've heard similar comments about what colours we can't wear (usually from non redheads). Well, there are certainly some colours that look terrible on me, orange is one of my favourites to wear as is turquoise. This pink looks fantastic on you, love it!

Petite Adventures said...

As I said early, I LOVE this colour on you! You've definitely proved any naysayers who think redheads can't wear pink wrong! And your jeans! I love this look from head to toe!! You look fantastic!

Kate xo

Rebecca said...

I too am a red head (although not a natural one!) but I hate when people say colors that I maybe shouldn't wear because of my hair color! Turquoise I think looks amazing on red heads!!!!
You outfit is beautiful I adore you in pink and those printed pants are so fun!


Cee said...

I've always thought that the whole idea of redheads not being able to wear pink is a bit strange - I first came across it in Anne of Green Gables, of all places! True, I can understand pale pink is not the best choice for pale skin. But that has nothing to do with your hair and frankly, this vibrant shade looks fabulous on you! And there isn't a redhead out there who doesn't look amazing in turquoise. So what I'm trying to say with this very long comment is, wear what you like :) You always look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I do love a redheaded lady in pink!

Angela said...

great pull))
like the colour!!

Angela Donava

Leah said...

I love the pink on you. I say go for what makes you feel good. And who can argue with a pink sweater like that? Beautiful.

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