Music Monday - Colour Code

Disclaimer: There's a wee bit of colourful language in this tune. I look past it, hope you will too!

One thing I am so proud of is how many amazingly talented musicians can be found on PEI. Charlottetown has SUCH a good cultural scene, and it shows. Many of my favourite artists are home grown, and Colour Code is no exception. They're a relatively recent discovery for me, but their folk-pop tunes have been on constant replay lately. I don't know if it's the addition of violin (which I always love) or the fantastic harmonies, but I am looking forward to much  more from this ensemble. It's pretty much a travesty that I haven't yet seen them live, but I plan on checking them out in person at their next Charlottetown live show.

I only just discovered this fantastic video for one of their songs from their short digital album (download here) that has seen so much play on my itunes. A bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme - think hollow trees, tea parties and more. In addition to a great video, it's a seriously great song, and a good taste of what these talented musicians are capable of. Have a listen, and enjoy!

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MJ said...

If you come up for a show let me know! They're amazing live & all wonderful people (I know them from school)
And I love this video as well they did a fantastic job, great pick for Music Monday :)

Rebecca Jane said...

@MJ I totally will! I think there is one at Baba's or somewhere on the 15th? we should go!

Elise said...

SUCH a great tune!

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