Island Snapshots v.1

On Friday evening I headed out for a drive towards our cottage with the intent of watching the sun set over the water (Mission accomplished! although my camera battery died so I don't have the photos to prove it). I stopped in a few favourite places along the way, causing much confusion to a few friendly fishermen, as well as folks driving by who must have wondered what on earth I was doing wandering through fields - hopefully my camera gave them a hint, at least. These photos haven't been touched up at all (My editing skills are in their infant stages), but the light from the last few rays of the setting sun was on my side - thankfully!

There's nothing like the red of a freshly tilled field. Although I have lived away from PEI for a long while, I always think soil looks strange unless it is the red colour of home.

 A cormorant surprised me by popping his head up out of the water after, presumably, diving for fish. He took off and I caught a few photos of his take-off, which was welcome since the Great Blue Heron I had initially hoped to snap had flown away moments before.

The aforementioned heron had flown further out to join a friend in the hunt for some tasty fish. You can spot him in the centre of the photo. Hoping for a better shot of him next time!

Last but not least - my two favourite barns! I love these two random little barns, nestled in the middle of a large hayfield. I photograph them often (They even appear in the header I made for my sister Rosalyn's blog), and I suspect they will feature in some outfit posts over the summer.

When I was travelling the Island a couple of weeks ago with a touring author, showing her the sights to see throughout PEI's picturesque countryside, I discovered (and re-discovered) so many beautiful parts of my beloved isle that I promised myself I would have to return to photograph properly - so look forward to some future Island Snap posts, coming soon!



Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

these shots are so beautiful! it looks like such a picturesque and peaceful place to be. x E

Leah said...

Beautiful photos. It must feel nice to be 'home' again. Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my wedding! It is much appreciated.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

That last picture is my favorite. So pretty!


My Vintage Curves said...

This is a dream place, and it's so far away from the place I live. Nice pics, thank you for sharing with us

Petite Adventures said...

Gorgeous photos!

Justyna said...

so pretty! your surroundings are picture perfection!

Allison said...

So pretty! But next time you need to snap a picture of you too ;)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Great pictures!! So pretty!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I love these photos!

xo Ashley

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