Adore Me - A Review

A few weeks ago the folks over at new lingerie site, Adore Me got in touch to see if I'd be interested in doing a review.

In case you don't know, Adore Me is a membership site, not unlike StyleMint, ShoeMint or any of the other "mints" cropping up lately - although in this case you can get personalized selections of lingerie - from matching bra and pant sets to shapewear, to fancy hose to corsets and even swimwear. Each set comes in at $39.95, which is relatively comparable to La Senza or Victoria Secret where I would normally come by things of this type.

Being a lover of pretty things, I was excited to see what was on offer, and also to see the quality and fit, as I'm always hesitant at first when ordering lingerie online.

After putting in my specifications, likes and dislikes, I was admittedly impressed with the items in my showroom (although you can order anything, even if isn't initially in your personalized selection). The first complimentary set that I picked out was this "Gracie" cami and boyshort set, in a pretty soft pink.

The only bump in the road was trying to find items in my size - a bit tricky!  This did play into my eventual choice, as the Gracie was the only set that had my sizes available. That being said, once it arrived - really quickly, I might add - I was really happy with the fit and quality.

As a member of Adore Me, I later received a promotional code discounting the purchase of a second set, so to get a better idea of the variety offered, I went for a ruffled bra and pant set. For the same (or actually cheaper) price as a bra from La Senza, for example, I got a matching set, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of it. It's definitely among one of the nicest sets in my boudoir.

Although I'm really pleased with both sets from Adore Me, I am happy that as a member I'm not locked into purchasing a set every month - you can skip one month or more, unless of course you see something you like. I tend not to splurge too often on unmentionables, so purchases for me on this site will be occasional ones, for sure. That being said it is definitely fun (and tempting!) to see a new personalized selection every month.

Overall? A positive experience with the site - it's easy to use and navigate. Memberships are flexible, the selection is good (albeit with a bit of a size availability issue), and the quality and fit of the pieces (at least for me!) were really good, considering the cost.

Want to know more about Adore Me? Check out their FAQ page here.



Live-Style20 said...

fine ; ))

melissa rose said...

i love the sets you picked, very cute! and yes, totally cheaper than la senza! I'll have to check it out :)

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

ooooh, that turqoise set you picked is SO pretty :) I mostely wear Marlies Dekkers or cheap H&M stuff that sits very uncomfortable. I'm defo looking into the brand :) x

Jenna said...

Love the blue set - so pretty!

Elise said...

Love what you chose, especially the pink. Will have to check that site out!

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