Bookish Baubles

It's a bit too bad that I didn't find these adorable little book earrings from DuDiDesign in time for my first day of work (today!), but they are definitely on the list of must-have librarian accessories.



Allison said...

First day of work?! Congrats girl! I'm so proud of you!!!

PS: How ave I not noticed that picture to the side before? Stunning!!!

Jenny Morris said...

Oh my! I'm obsessed with these. First day of work? Very exciting, how'd it go?

I'm an intern at WORN, I found your blog when I read your comment a while back!

-Jenny Wornette

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

those are absolutely adorable!! so cute. x E

the ineffable soul said...

these are so cute! congrats on the new job :) x

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