To the Island

"To the Island" - Alex Colville
The breaking news in my world today is that I will be heading home to my beloved Island in the next few weeks to embark on a new job and have many new adventures. I will be sad to leave Ottawa behind, I have so many wonderful friendships here (hopefully those lovely people - you know who you are - will come visit. Hint hint!), but I am excited to spend time with friends and family at home too.

Here's to coming home, and to new beginnings!



justyna said...

Good look with everything, Rebecca, Ottawa will miss you and your cheery smile!!! (And congratulations on the new beginning!)

Unknown said...

Wow congratulations! I'm sure all of your friends will visit!

PS: If you have a second head over and enter my give-a-way with Fresh! It would be a great way to celebrate your new beginning!

Kitt said...

REBECCA!! I am so excited for you!! I will begin my walk to PEI to visit you :)

C said...

I am seriously pumped that you're back back to the Island. I LOVE Charlottetown and visit all the time. Yay! Happy & safe travels XO

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