Hungry Girls

 Most people who know me well know that there is not much I love more than thumbing through the pages of heaps and piles of cookbooks to discover tasty new recipes. I came across a series of hand sewn, beautiful illustrated and photographed series of cookbooks self-published by a group of girl friends in Australia and was instantly smitten with "The Hungry Girls"

Not only do I like pretty cookbooks, but I also really love the idea of three friends with a shared passion for food, photography and illustration coming together to produce such beautiful little tomes. It also doesn't hurt that the recipes inside are delicious sounding things like Yoghurt and White Chocolate Panna Cotta, Winter Veggie Pasties or Rainbow Chard and Ricotta Filo Pie.

I definitely plan on gradually adding all three volumes of the Hungry Girls cookbook series to my cookery library, but until then, I'm satisfied to take a sneak peek at more recipes on their blog.



Jenna said...

These look like such great cookbooks! Love that they are handmade.

Elise said...

That chard pie sonds amazing!

Jen said...

These look awesome!

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