The Cult of Beauty

I haven't picked up my copy of Vogue's December issue, but I keep seeing this editorial featuring actress Saoirse Ronan (whose talents I am a major fan of) and it is absolutely breathtaking. To the point that I will be snapping up a copy of the magazine just to pull out these photos.

The Pre-Raphaelite inspired styling, the wild red hair, the ethereal beauty, the feeling of the photographs - all make for a mesmerizing story featuring this lovely young actress. And a little nod to Shakespeare's Ophelia (in the photo - above, right) is right up this nerdy English major's alley.

This shoot by Steven Meisel is easily one of my favourite editorial spreads of 2011. Simply gorgeous - and the type of fashion-as-art kind of photographs I would gladly hang on my walls. Beauty.



Jenna said...

She looks absolutely amazing! love the styling here.

Sasha said...

Ohhh! That orange pinkish hair! OMG, genious!

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