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I had to share this video because I am so utterly inspired by the craft and time that goes into the gorgeous crocheted pieces from Helen Rödel, a Brazilian designer and artisan. I stumbled upon her designs via a knitting and crochet blog I follow (although I personally cannot crochet or knit) - One Sheepish Girl. I watched this video of Ms. Rödel's designs and was immediately struck and absolutely floored by how beautiful her work is.

When we did the cursory introductions to our fellow cohort members at the beginning of my Masters program, the vast majority of my fellow students noted how much they all seemed to like knitting and crochet. I chuckled then at the fulfillment of the Librarian stereotype - but after seeing the amazing things possible with crochet? I have to wonder if I might just pick up a crochet hook myself and see if I can learn a thing or two. That is, to hold me over till I can get to Brazil and pick up a piece from the  talented Ms. Rödel.



melissa rose said...

i'm in love with these dresses! Haha, if you ever make it down to Brazil, be sure to bring one back for me!

Marcia B. said...

I really love the dresses, i love it, absolutely love!

Sarah said...

So pretty! The details are incredible xo

Leah said...

Crocheting is an art I have tried to learn, but haven't quite conquered. Beautiful pieces.

xo L.

Andrea Antoniou said...

love the red n white jumper, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon, you can count on that hehe :)


HoneyBunny said...

It looks great! Love it:)

danni said...

this video ba-lows my mind. those pieces are so stunning! i can't believe they make them by hand! wow!

xo danni

Laura said...

This is SO interesting - I've never really thougt of crochet as beautiful as a few other fabrics out there, but the pieces shown here are simply GORGEOUS, absolute art! I wish they would have an online store and shipped here to Canada... Thanks for sharing :).
- Laura

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