Five Weeks of Favourites

Goodies from Denj, Modcloth, Joe Fresh, Ruche, and Lush are all in the offing - keep your eyes peeled!
So here's the big announcement I've been saving up for a while. To celebrate the relaunch and rebranding of the blog as Lot 65, I wanted to share in the fun and as such, there will be five giveaways over five weeks, starting today!  Some will be announced here on the blog, others will be announced via facebook or twitter, so be sure to follow along for all the updates! The above collage will give a hint of what goodness is coming your way!

For the first of the five favourites, A $25 Gift Certificate to Lush is on offer.
Want to learn more? Find your way to the Lot 65 facebook page to enter!


Lisa said...

Such a great idea! Is that a Joe Fresh outfit I spy?

Marcia B. said...

OOO sweet giveaways!! Re: Alexis Reyna - HHAhaha I totally agree lol that was scandalous lol

noone said...

ohh that pink clutch is ADORABLE!! i'm always a fan of pink and black!

Leah said...

Can't wait for all of these wonderful giveaways, especially that Hellodenj scarf! :)

xo L.

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