LGFW: Sarah Stevenson Spring 2012

As I walked into Sarah Stevenson's presentation last Thursday, I felt very much like I imagine Mary Lennox might have, wandering into her Secret Garden.  After seeing the beautiful prints last season, I was extremely excited to see what colours and textures would come across in her prints this time round, and I have to say  I was not at all disappointed by the breathtakingly lovely floral prints, all of which were personally designed by Ms. Stevenson herself (learn more about her process in this video interview).

A nice touch that I loved was that these same prints were actually on display in frames around the room. I loved this idea! Especially getting to read the accompanying notecards which featured a bit more about the process and thought behind the prints used on the seriously lovely pieces around the room. I almost (okay, totally) wished I could take them home and hang them on my walls.

Overall, the shapes and silhouettes of the garments were simple, yet feminine and flattering, and were a perfect canvas for the exquisite floral prints used throughout.

It may be because lilacs are one of my favourite spring flowers (both the look and smell, divine!) but the above two looks that featured spot-on placement of a lilac inspired print were a couple of my favourites. Particularly the dress, since the x-shaped look of the print would be really flattering on, I think.

Prior to LG Fashion week I had never been to a presentation style show, as at our local fashion week here in Ottawa runway was the only option. A few of the shows I saw in Toronto were presented in this way, and I am glad that Sarah's was one of them - namely because it allowed for a long time to take in the intricacy of the prints, get a good look at the garments from all sides and (my favourite) take lots of photos.

I can genuinely say that this was one of the only collections that I saw during my time in Toronto where I could see myself delightedly wearing every piece (even if such a prospect might be a bit over budget). While in most of the shows and presentations I saw one or two garments that really stood out, in Sarah Stevenson's presentation I wandered around the posing models in their pretty printed dresses again and again just enjoying the lovely colours and patterns.

I took this very simple (and amateur) video of the presentation to give you a feel for what it was like to be there in person, as well as to see the clothes in better detail. I took this using my phone so the quality is less than stellar, but hopefully it gives you a good impression of this lovely collection.

I will say that literally from the moment the presentation started until the models left their posts, I was admiring and snapping photos of each garment and look. Especially following the debacle of the night before, this show was such a pleasure (as was the designer herself, who went out of her way to prevent any such thing happening to me at her show). I can honestly say that even if this had been the only show I'd gotten to see, it would, without a doubt, have been worth the trip to Toronto.

I will be uploading all of the photos I took during this presentation to the Lot 65 FB page, so take a look there this evening to see more!

All photos are my own, please credit and link back if you use them!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I really love these prints!

daisychain said...

love love love the prints!

ashley mcconnell said...

I love the print of the dresses, but I find the overly feminine hair ad dainty jewelry make the whole look stagnant. I think a sharper contrast would have made the print and dress design pop more.

Aya Smith said...

I love that these dresses look as though they were dipped in nature! what a gorgeous idea.

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

noone said...

ohh so pretty! sigh, I would love to go to LG fshion week next year!

Unknown said...

These prints are all fantastic...I love how some of the garments are only half printed. So Cool!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Chelsea said...

These prints- and dresses- are gorgeous! My favourites would have to be in the first pictures you posted at the top of the post!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

This is such a cool and fun way to show the clothes. Love this idea. The designs are beautiful as well.

Holly said...

Wow is all I can say. These dresses are amazing. I can't even decide which I like best. They are so romantic looking.

BlaiseRuby said...

such amazing dresses!!!! love the purpley ones the most :)


Ana said...

Oh my goodness, such pretty looks in this collection! Makes me want to fast forward to spring! I can't get enough of the simple silhouettes worked in beautifully printed fabrics.

Amy (whatimlovinglatey) said...

I instantly fell in love with this collection after seeing a glimpse of the prints. My favorites are the last two!

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