Chicken Soup for the Soul

If today was a wish-list it would include most if not all of these items - tea, homemade soup, and lots and lots of kleenex (I am seriously considering the whale - possibly the cutest tissue box ever).  Oh sick-days.

Keep your eyes peeled for a bevy of posts next week, some exciting stuff to come!



Emma said...

Feel better soon!

Mary and Dyer said...

Oh no! Feel better soon! There is nothing worse than being sick! :(

Hope that you have had the chance to enter my Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway! It is about to close! :)


Janna said...

Aw, feel better soon! And that whale is adorable, I like him too!

Kristy said...

Hey there B!

Wow, seriously cannot get over your blog layout! Gah! Gorgeous! Just like you... :)

But on the note of this post, I 100% will deliver you some homemade soup when I come back to ontario as long as you get me the kleenex box for christmas :) SO cute!

Hope everything is going well in the city. xx

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon- I'm also under the weather (darn colds!) On the plus side I am LOVING your new blog layout- very elegant and artsy!

Bri said...

I absolutely love the whale, that would cheer me up on my sickest days!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Ooooh the whale is so pretty :)
Looking at your pics now I feel like having some tea, even if it's ahem... 2am here!
A big hug!

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