Music Monday - Paper Lions

I was looking through my Music Monday posts and wondering how on earth I haven't shared Paper Lions with you all yet. They are a fantastic band that I found out about ages ago when they were initially known as the Chucky Danger Band. I remember checking out a show with a friend at the Arts Guild in Charlottetown and having an absolutely wonderful time. If there is one thing about independent musical acts on PEI, it is that they all master the art of a fabulous live show, and Paper Lions are no exception.

All four of these fellows are excellent musicians, but I think what I have always enjoyed most about this group is the way that the voices of brothers Rob and John MacPhee blend together. I have always thought that siblings have the best sound when singing together. Maybe this stems from singing duets with my lovely sister at the Queens County Music Festival every year, but I digress. In any case, Paper Lions have a great pop rock sound with catchy melodies and lyrics that I always find myself wanting to sing along to.

I think my favourite memory of Paper Lions, was from their Winnipeg show last summer. I had just moved there, and was incredibly homesick for PEI. Following the band on facebook, I noticed their tour's slow progression across the country from British Columbia moving eastward.

On a whim I wrote on the band's wall to ask if they might be performing in Winnipeg. An almost immediate response let me know they were doing a show that same night, only a short walk from my then temporary abode, the U of Winnipeg residences. I threw together a small group of people (made up of exchange students from Quebec) to join me at the concert and in addition to enjoying their always fantastic live show, I felt a taste of home which was a huge lift.

Even better, I got a pro bono CD from Rob MacPhee (who had been the one to initially reply to my FB query) who was pleased to see a fellow Islander make her way to a Winnipeg show. Not only are they great musicians, but nice guys too, of course, being from PEI and all.

Paper Lions are yet another example of the excellent musical talent coming out of my home province. Give them a listen, you won't be disappointed!


Clara Campelo said...

lovely blog!

Jen said...

Great feature - I really like that second song, will have to check out their site!

noel vallens said...

thanks for the recommendation - will have to check them out!

Kristal said...

they are so cute! new favourite band thank you for the introduction I find it so hard to find good music x


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Viv said...

love the blog!

Ally said...

you do music mondays too..thats awesome!! very cool band xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing- I love finding new music and they are great! can't wait to see you at the 10K!

Cara said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful music! I love em. Great blog, I love the "book" clutches!
xo Cara

cuteredbow said...

Really great blog and music !

Raez said...

kinda loving these guys!

xx raez

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I'd never heard of this band before - they
re pretty cool, thanks for introducing me to them :)

Allison said...

I saw them live at Stanfest! I was working a boost there and there were few shows I trecked out to see because I was so tired at the end of the day, but these guys were AMAZING live!

Hattitude said...

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check out pepper rabbit! i'm huge in to them right now!

talk soon wild child
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