Les Ballets Russes

First, press play so you can listen to this music while looking at the beautiful garments to follow:

You may have already seen a taste of this collection if you follow my tumblr, but I had to post because after New York, London and Milan, Erdem easily remains one of my favourites out of all of the spring collections that I have seen so far.

The feeling I got looking at these clothes from Erdem Moralioglu was exactly the feeling I was missing from a lot of the New York shows.  I was just looking for things that said, quintessentially, "Spring".  A shout-out to Erdem for finally supplying me with exactly what I was hoping for in spring fashion loveliness.

You could see the inspiration of the Ballet Russes costumes in the shapes and sometime prints in this collection. But what I loved most? The details. Lace over lace, beautiful contrasting embroidery, perfect prints.

I will note that while the garments themselves were absolutely lovely, I was very much drawn to these beautiful, feminine shoes (Thanks Nicholas Kirkwood!). I wanted to post more of them but some of the other detail shots included awkwardly-sticking-out-model-toes.  I've always been a sucker for shoes that lace up the leg. There is just something so feminine and inherently pretty about that. Maybe it's not for everyone, but definitely for me.


Holly said...

I Love the dresses and the shoes and the hair do`s. Looking at these with the music was definitely an experience. :) Lace up legs are super cute but only if they stay up. I bet those girls have double sided tape on their legs.

Coury Combs said...


And I didn't get the apples, they only sold them in a HUGE bag. next time!

Silver Strands said...

Great post - LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

Tesa said...

nice blog!

HoneyBunny said...

Oh, how lovely! I adore all the florals and lace, it's so girly<3

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