Fair Island of the Sea

Welcome to Lot 65! I'm proud to be posting from my beautiful home province of Prince Edward Island. I've moved around a lot in the last while, but this is truly where I feel at home.

On this blog I hope to share my love of fashion, books, and more, but most importantly, my beloved Island. To start us off, I want a share a few of my favourite places with you all, to get you more familiar with the place I love so much, and which is such a huge part of who I am.

PEI is known for its beaches, and every one is beautiful in my opinion. The red sandy southern shores are perfect for beachcombing at low tide - and the best place for finding sea glass! The dunes and white sands of the north shore are perfect for lounging on, and revelling in the sound of crashing waves. 

What's not to love?

Beanz is one of the most wonderful gems in Charlottetown - a fantastic little café in the downtown core that serves up a myriad of delicious treats, sandwiches and the best hot chocolate ever.

The Green Man - Vintage and Vinyl is relatively new, but one place I love to visit. There is an amazing mix of vintage pieces. One of my fave activities being trying on all the fun and fancy hats hanging throughout the shop.

The Charlottetown waterfront is a beautiful spot, especially in summer. It's true that it is a little touristy, but I love it all the same. Great for a wander, watching the boats go by, or enjoying some Cows Ice Cream (yum!)

I have always thought dirt in other places looked funny, but I guess it is because I grew up surrounded by red clay. It makes for such lovely drives through the countryside, and although the dirt roads are disappearing as they get paved, I always love driving along them. You never know what pretty spot you'll end up in.

Last but not least? The scenery. PEI is a beautiful place to live, and I never get tired of the rolling fields,  stunning shorelines, or happy little farms perched along Island roads. Thousands of tourists come for just this reason every summer, and I can truly say that as someone who's lived here all my life that it never loses its charm.


Silver Strands said...

Oh Becca! I would miss that place too .. in fact, thanks to you - I miss it now and I've never even been there!

Paulinementpas said...

Ahah! Love the last caption with this adorable young girl!



Ana said...

Good luck :) I'm sure that you will like your new home as much as you love this one:)


Ashley said...

oooh this makes me very excited to visit the Island this summer! Good luck with your move!


Dylana Suarez said...

Great pics!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a great post!! You made me wish I could be there, especially because I love to be anywhere near beaches and sandwiches :-) xoxoxoxoo

Ariella said...

I had no idea you were moving! Where exactly are you moving then? Good luck with everything: moving sure is a hassle!

Annie Spandex said...

Oh, I know who she is. That's my name-sake! I named myself Anne after her when I was a kid. My real name is Antonia but it was too complicated for kids so my mom let me pick a new one. It's since become Annie. :)

La pépite modeuse said...

Cool pictures ! I love the tvshow Friends !

Shirin said...

PEI sounds and looks so amazing, I'd love to visit one day.

lauren baluyo said...

This post made me smile. I'd love to be immersed in all that heavenly scenery. Amazing blog.

Would be great if you stopped by mine :)



Damsels said...

wow .. how exciting ! i havent moved in so long .. but i know it can be both stressful and joyful

joelle van dyne said...

good luck with the move! that must be so exciting. i made a big move 5 years ago and it was a great decision. i am sure yours will be too! ~joelle

Yaary said...

wow..graet reason to miss the place where was you living.. but dont worry.. you will love things in you new city..for sure! wish you luck beauty.

Robyn said...

Did you know that my highschool was in a scottish sister city. Thus, we had piping at my school as well. In fact, they (including my ex boyfriend) used to travel to PEI. Small world. Good luck with your move.

Marta from With Love.... said...

Best of luck! Where are you moving? It's soooo exciting!

I can't wait to visit PEI,I've heard amazing things about it!


myfloorisred.com said...

Ah ah, first time I see this Anne, but she looks quite cool :-)

Unknown said...

I have never been to PEI but I feel obligated to visit each province at least once. Do people really make Anne of Green Gables jokes? That is so lame. How far West are you going?

Nubiasnonsense said...

You got great photos together... these are pretty cool

Alex Dom said...

hope you have a good move!

Janna said...

How fortunate to have lived in such a magical place. I hope to visit one dya.

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