2015 Beauty Favourites

2015 Favourites

I'm a little late to the game in posting my beauty favourites for the year of 2015, but as we are still in January for the next week or so, thought I'd get it in under the wire. When selecting my top products from last year, I went for ones that were part of my daily or almost daily routine.  I went through two bottles of the foundation, for instance, and the favourite lipstick is almost down to the bottom of the bullet.  So these are legitimate "I use these daily" type products that I love and either have repurchased when they run out, or would do. So without further ado, these are my top picks of 2015.

I don't know what took me so long to pick this brush up, but it became a fast favourite. My rather limited eyeshadow application skills looked ten times better almost instantaneously because of this little blending beauty.  Now I don't know how I ever went without it. 

I love a natural looking finish foundation and this one is just that. It blends beautifully into the skin and provides a light to medium coverage but just gives my skin the most radiant and lovely look. The only downside to this for me is that it's only available in select Shopper's Drug Mart locations, with the closest of these curently being two hours from where I live. That said, it's definitely worth the journey.  

I've used this lipstick so much that I am seriously almost down to the bottom of the bullet, there is just the smallest point of a nub left.  It is such a lovely and warm neutral colour that looks at home with almost any look, and it is amazingly moisturizing and hydrating on the lips.  

This is the blush I reach for again and again, and has been a longtime favourite of mine.  I think I have worn it if not daily, then several times a week for the past year or two. Somehow I've managed not to hit pan yet, which is a testament to how pigmented this product is.  You don't need much to have a lovely soft peachy glow to the cheeks.  

I have an embarrassingly large collection of soft pinks, beiges and taupes in my nail polish collection.  I just love the look of a nail colour that is similar to my skin tone, I think it looks so pretty and refined.  Of these, my very favourite is OPI's My Very First Knockwurst.  It is just the perfect mix of pink and taupe and I just love it.  I'm on my second bottle, which, for me is almost unheard of in the nail polish realm: I almost never use up an entire bottle, so that is saying something. 

My lashes are blonde, and basically disappear when I am not wearing mascara, so it's one product that I cannot live without.  I was initially hesitant to try Roller Lash because I'd heard mixed reviews about it from the beauty youtubers that I follow, but when a sample size came in my monthly Birchbox, I loved it so much that I went out, bought the full size and haven't looked back.  It lengthens lashes beautifully, holds a curl, and never looks clumpy = win. 

I am a big fan of this whole range of cream shadows from Maybelline - they are budget-friendly, incredibly easy to use, blendable, and long-lasting. I have several of these in my make-up collection, but the colour I use the most, either on its own or as a base for other shadows is Creamy Beige - the perfect neutral. 

This is such a gorgeous fresh scent, that is floral with hints of hyacinth and citrus.  I've gone through two rollerballs, and I think it's safe to say that this has become a signature scent for me, so I think it might just be time to bite the bullet and invest in the full-size bottle.   

As a redhead, it can be tough to find a brow pencil that works - so often they are too dark, too brown, or just plain wrong. So clearly, I was delighted to find this strawberry blonde pencil from MAC that gives definition to my brows - that are normally so blonde as to disappear entirely. This pencil became a staple almost immediately.

I could gush for ages about this gorgeous palette.  The pretty (and sturdy) packaging, the beautiful warm rosy colours, the buttery super-pigmented shadows... Urban Decay just knows how to make a stunning palette.  I thought long and hard about which of the three Naked palettes to purchase (although now I admit I'd love to add the others to my collection) and this one won out.  It's totally my baby, and I use this beauty all. the. time. 

Last but not least, is this absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous highlighter from Becca Cosmetics, a collab with YouTube star Jaclyn Hill. It is creamy and super-pigmented and whenever I wear it I feel fabulous and get so many compliments.  It is just the most perfect glowing shimmer and I can only hope that Becca will keep it as a permanent offering.  The only caveat is that it's very fragile, and shatters easily, and as such is one to be very delicate with.  I've had to rescue mine not once but twice with rubbing alcohol, so it's not looking as smooth and perfect in the pan as it once did.  But in spite of the fragility, it is oh so worth it.  

What were your favourite beauty products of the year? I'd love to know!
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