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Unbelievably, it's already July! Summer has officially begun, and I am keen to spend my days swimming in the sea (even if it is still bitterly cold), combing the shorelines for sea-glass and trolling the numerous dairy bars the dot the PEI landscape. Summer sunshine, here I come!

Much as I love the sunny weather, anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a die-hard sunscreen fanatic - it's not just a summer thing, it's an all year thing.  That said, I'm much more likely to be re-applying multiple times a day when outside for any length of time, especially on beach days. I'm generally not overly fussy with sunscreen for my body, as long as there's an SPF of 30+ combined with the coverage of a misting spray, most options are fair game. But I've yet to meet a Coppertone or Banana Boat-esque brand that didn't break my face out in the most horrible way, so my search for the perfect facial sunscreen has always been a priority.

I'd already tried quite a few, but in a recent Sephora order, I got my hands on a giant sample pack of sunscreen, about which I was admittedly, rather unreasonably excited.  I found some old favourites and discovered some new gems, and from those and others I've tried, I thought I'd share a few of my top picks, divided into group as to how I (personally) prefer to use them. I will note, however, that this is just how they work best for me; it's all about finding what works for your own skin!

Pre-Make-up Picks

Tarte's Tarteguard (SPF 30) is a newer product which I'd been dying to try as Tarte is one of my favourite beauty brands. I like the consistency, the protection, and how easily and well it wears underneath make-up. So good.

Benefit's Dream Screen (SPF 45) is another winner for me, because it has the higher SPF that I look for. Added perks include the fact that it's oil-free, dries super-quickly, and leaves a matte finish (!!!) which I and my combination-to-oily skin definitely prefer.

The Nourishing Fluid Veil (SPF 30) from Korres was one of the samples I received in the sunscreen sample bag from Sephora and I love love loved it. It is closer to a liquid than a cream, but goes on beautifully, smells good, and wear's super-well under make-up.

The All-Rounders

It isn't that these don't wear nicely under make-up, it's just that the previous three work SO well in comparison. These picks are good for everyday, for beach or active outdoor days, or even for more natural beauty days where you want protected skin that is hydrated without being too oily - it's a fine balance, folks!

Aveeno's Protect + Hydrate lotion (SPF 45) is a classic, super-budget-friendly, perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I reach for this one regularly, as it's easy to find in local drugstores, can also be used for body (although I do usually use a misting spray SPF for that) and does the job well.  I have worn this under make-up, and though I don't like it as much as the picks above, it does do the trick in a pinch!

I am a big fan of First Aid Beauty's moisturizer, and so it is no surprise that I love their Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer (SPF 40) too. It is incredibly hydrating and creamy, although be warned - a little goes a long way!

Clinique's Broad Spectrum (SPF 30) Face Cream is slightly more budget-friendly pick than some of the others, and is also gentle on sensitive skin and features non-comedogenic ingredients which is crucial for me, as someone who tends to break out, especially from sun-care products.

The Heavy Hitter

Okay, so it's expensive, I'll admit it. But Shisedo's Ultimate Sun Protection Cream has the most protection (at SPF 50), wears really well on the skin, and is amazing for beach days, as it becomes even more effective when wet (seriously great ). I do seriously love this stuff, but I admit that the higher price tag has me hesitant to purchase the full-size bottle.

The Outlier

Make-up setting spray with SPF? Yes! Not to be relied upon for full protection, but rather for touch-ups, Coola's Setting Spray (SPF 30) is on my to-try list.  I haven't yet gotten my hands on it, but as someone who is a slave to the re-application of sunscreen, the idea of a simple mist to top-up my initial sun protection without ruining my make-up is absolutely genius.  Have any of you tried this beauty? Would love to hear your thoughts!

If you have any favourite facial SPF products, I'd love to hear about them! Let's chat!

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The Dream Screen from Benefit is one of my favourites as well!

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