Intentional Gratefulness v.9

It is currently my very favourite (albeit very short) time of year - when the lilacs are out! It's the time of year when I am often known to stop every time I see a lilac bush and just envelope my whole face in the gorgeous purple blooms that smell better than pretty much anything else.  I think it recalls the nostalgia of a beloved hiding spot on the property where I lived growing up - a little hidden spot inside a ring of lilac bushes.  I would hide there even when not playing hide and seek, just sit surrounded by gorgeous flowers and their intoxicating aroma - it was absolutely heavenly.  I think those happy memories combined with the beauty and brevity of these flowers fills me with delight each time I encounter them.  
So what am I grateful for today? The fleeting few moments of late spring when I can surround myself with these fragrant flowers that give me a moment of blissful enjoyment and pure happiness whenever I encounter them.  
What have you been feeling grateful for lately?
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Indy said...

Lilacs are my favorite flower! When I was younger, my parents planted lilac bushes around our whole house, so the scent of lilac always brings me back to those carefree days as a child. :)

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