#StormChips and Netflix: 5 Fun Ways to Weather a Snow Day

It's a blustery, blowing blizzard outside, with tweets coming in from all over the Island that it's a day to stay inside, to keep warm, and hole up in wintry hibernation. Last night at the local grocer, the Maritime phenomenon of gathering #StormChips was in full force, and I was no exception! Honestly, the only thing I'm missing? This genius sweatshirt from Olivia Mew's Stay Home Club.
In any case, with emergency preparedness out of the way, and power still blessedly on, I thought I'd take a moment some of my favourite activities for quite literally "storm-stayed" days (when the winds and blowing snow don't allow for a simple, joyful trip to the backyard for snowmen or snow-angels).
Crack Open a Good Book (or several)!
I have a giant stack of to-be-read books stashed all over my humble apartment.  I've been picking away at them over the last several weeks but I plan to power through at least one or two with a steaming hot mug of tea in hand as the wind whistles past.
Get Fit, Have Fun!
There are so many at-home workouts that are perfect for snowdays (or really any winter day when frigid climes make outdoor workouts intolerable).  I've got a pinboard of easy fitness routines, but I aso follow several fitness channels on youtube that offer fantastic workouts FO FREE. Yeah, it's awesome. My recommendations? Sarah Fit and Yoga With Adriene. The. Best.
Enjoy Guilt-free TV! 
I admit, I do have a lot of screen-time (but living in a village where everything shuts down at 6pm, can you blame me?), although on normal days I try to squeeze in a fair bit of productivity to even the score.  This guilt goes out the window on snow days, however, and I will definitely take advantage of the chance to binge-watch some great tv and/or movies.  My Netflix picks for today: Twin Peaks,  Broadchurch,  Brooklyn 99 and The Bletchley Circle.  Pro Tip: This would be the time to crack open the storm chips!
Take Time to DIY!
I don't know about you, but I have so many crafty ideas and recipes that I've been wanting to try and simply have not gotten around to. Today's the day for trying this new tasty-looking recipe for tomato and bean casserole and attempting to make homemade beauty products (keep an eye out for the results in an upcoming Stylelist post).  If there's a DIY you want to try, there are no excuses not to do it on a snow day!
Play Some Tunes! 
Although I don't have my beloved piano in my current teeny, tiny place, practicing a musical instrument is one of my favourite ways to while away the quiet hours.  Currently I'm picking away at the much more portable long-abandoned ukulele, dragged from the depths of a closet where it had lain, long-forgotten until now.  My project for the day is to at least come up with a passable rendition of this tune from Misty Miller.  And if music's not your bag, perhaps take the time to devote some practice or time to your own favourite hobby!
What are your favourite snow-day activities? I'd love to know!
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