Intentional Gratefulness v.7

I can hardly believe it's already December - the countdown to Christmas is on! I've continued my trend of gallivanting back and forth across the country and have settled back on my beloved Prince Edward Island for the foreseeable future. I had a bit of a setback last month, but in spite of that, am trying to do just what the above photo suggests, and to focus on the good.

I'm grateful for:

Homemade popcorn, movie dates and good chats with my beautiful sister.
Fortuitous opportunities arising seemingly out of the blue.
Sweet nail-polish-filled surprises from a faraway friend.
Christmas carols.
Epic tickle sessions with a sweet niece and nephew.
Brisk early winter runs.
A cozy fireplace to sit beside.
Giant slouchy warm sweaters.
What are you thankful for lately?
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Cee said...

I'm sorry to hear you had a setback, Rebecca, but as they say in one of my favourite children's movies - no matter what, just keep moving forward. This month, I'm grateful for a supportive employer who let me take time off to travel home to see my family during a difficult time. And for Christmas treats!

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