Music Monday: The Calgary Collection

I absolutely love independent Canadian music of all kinds, and follow various music projects looking to discover new talents and what's happening on the Canadian music scene. So I was delighted to discover the ongoing series entitled "The Calgary Collection", beautifully filmed and featuring just the kind of interesting folk I love hearing about and listening to. Even moreso than usual when the star of one such video is also a blogger who I've been following for ages - Amy Nelson from Amy Flying a Kite. Her style is lovely (that heart print dress!!), her photographs are enchanting, her writing is poetic, and her voice, as you'll discover in this video, is unique, special, and mesmerizing. She also shares some thoughts on folk music, the listener, and female voices that I also found so interesting.

Long story short? This is absolutely worth a watch for so many reasons. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
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Elise said...

So much love for this!

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