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Allison of Always Something is the best kind of blogger friend. She shares my red hair, love of Kate Spade, books, the Maritimes, and polka dots, but she's also interesting, fun, inspiring, and has collected together a group of friends that spans a continent, that started through her online presence. I've been blessed enough to make this wonderful online friendship a real life one after a visit in Halifax, and I continue to be enriched by this lovely lady, as well as those she's introduced me to on a daily basis. 
So when I spottted her photos taken with a pal in a Halifax library, I had to pinch them (with permission, of course). Because of the hilarious book title she's pointing out, and because of the cute polka-dotted dress supported by her partner-in-photo-taking-crime, Katherine.
If you're looking for a good read, or a list of links to general internet awesomeness, check out Allison's blog here. I promise you won't be sorry.
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Cee said...

What fun photos - I love the first one, the book title truly is hilarious!

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