Kindred Spirits

Dress: Forever 21 Shoes: Forever 21 Bracelet: Lia Sophia Necklace: Etsy

For the past month after my contract finished in Ottawa, I've been staying with my sister and her family in the lovely Prince Edward County (not quite Prince Edward Island, but still quite beautiful). It's been wonderful to have time with my family, especially my fantastic niece and nephew. My darling 11 year old niece Dhalia is a definite kindred spirit - we have many loves in common - most particularly music, acting, books, an ability to quote The Princess Bride from start to finish, and, of course, fashion. She was an enthusiastic participant in this blog post, doing everything from thoughtfully picking my outfit and all accompanying accessories and advising me on my beauty routine, to choosing the location, to photographing it for me. Lots of ridiculousness and laughter ensued, but overall I think she did a pretty fantastic job. 
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Cee said...

Your niece sounds like a very sophisticated young lady! How fun to have her help you with your blog - these collaborative photos turned out just beautifully, your white dress is absolutely lovely.

Ally Gradley said...

Love these pics! So amazing
xo Ally

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