Intentional Gratefulness v.2

A sign of spring that is one of my favourite scents in all the world is lilac. It is just so beautiful, and the flowers themselves are lovely too. Their delightful aroma greeted me as I was out for a run this week and I literally stopped to smell the flowers, sticking my nose into the purple blooms and breathing in deeply with the utmost joy. The best.

My dear friend Jill invited me over for for a visit this past Monday, and we had a wonderful evening filled with laughs, peanut buster parfaits, sunshine, and lots of cuddles with her adorable pooch, Susie Q. This little lovebug enjoyed the sunshine from her perch atop a comfy couch cushion. Lotsa love for her.

You know those strangers who sort of aren't because you see them every day on your commute to work? Well today one of those very people tapped me on the shoulder as I was listening to some tunes while waiting for the bus. She wanted to tell me that she thought how nice I look each day on the way to work, commenting on my outfits and style and she was incredibly sweet and genuine. It totally brought a smile to my face and brightened my day immensely.

One last thing to be grateful for this week - the lovely Brittany of Life, Set Sail who was the mastermind behind the redesign of my blog. Honestly if you ever need to spruce things up on your own site, she is the lady to talk to. She's super communicative and helpful and just generally lovely. 

What have you been feeling grateful for this week? I'd love to hear!
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Cee said...

Your blog looks absolutely beautiful, Rebecca! I love what Brittany did with it, the space feels so very you. And I love this post - it really is so important to focus on the little things. And to be someone who passes out those little things, too. What a sweet woman you met while waiting for the bus! I feel we should all try to be a little bit more like that in our daily interactions with people.

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Oh, my dogster loves sleeping this way, too. :) And I ADORE the lilac fragrance to the point when I often stop on the street just to smell it - thank God we live in a very quiet area. :) I envy people who have lilac growing under their windows because they can enjoy this wonderful fragrance all the time... x

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