Sharing some love for my dear sister Rose today - it's her birthday! Of all my sisters, she is closest to me in age, and we have grown up sharing secrets, jokes, mischief (although the mischief was mostly caused by me, Rose was always too sweet and well-behaved), and wonderful memories too numerous to recount. 

Her love for nature and for people is constant inspiration to me and I treasure having her as a sister, and more importantly as a kindred spirit and friend. There may be no other who knows the many facets of my personality - good and bad - as this lady, and she loves me all the same. Which of course, is what sisters do.

Love you Rosie! Happy Birthday!

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Rosalyn said...

I love you Bec! You make me feel pretty special. I'm very blessed to have you!

Cee said...

What a sweet pair you to are! It sounds like you're so very lucky to have each other :)

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