Reading in Style v. 8

Hannah of Hannah and Landon
Jessica of The Steele Maiden

Carol via Sea of Shoes

It's been a long time since my last "Reading in Style" post, so I thought it high time to include another, especially since the posts featured today have been sitting in  my bookish-style-inspiration folder for a little while now.

First, the always lovely Hannah of Hannah and Landon. She's been included in a RIS post before, but the facts that her "Tea with Bobo" post was so fantastic and also that she is such a constant source of inspiration for me (having been one of the bloggers I've followed for the longest), I simply had to include her again.

Secondly, Jessica of The Steele Maiden. She's a relatively new favourite fellow blogger of mine, discovered when we were both featured on the Ruche blog, but I love her easy, feminine style. Combine that with a pair of literary classics as she did in this post? Instant win.

And last but not least, a shot of Carol, the lesser known of the Aldridge sisters, but when I saw this photo on Jane's blog, Sea of Shoes, I was struck first with how lovely it was, and also how perfectly the photo encapsulated my idea of the perfect afternoon - lounging cozily reading a book? The only thing that could make it better would be a mug of hot tea.

Would you like to be featured in my next Reading in Style post? If you've got a bookishly stylish look/post to share, send it my way! rebecca (at) lotsixtyfive (dot) com!

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Jessica Steele said...

True story - my Mom worked in a library when I was a little girl (where I used to go to work with her and read all day) before she began a career at an interior design firm (where I would go to work with her and play with fabric swatches). Books and fashion are unsurprisingly still my favorite things. Thanks for the sweet mention Rebecca :)

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