Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Capital Couture

I'm absolutely excited to be checking out the new Catching Fire movie tonight (!!!) with some dearly loved ladies who also happen to be fellow fans of the series. So of course in my Hunger Games-related excitement, I was intrigued to see the Capital Couture line from net-a-porter.com, by award-winning designer of the film series' costumes, Trish Summerville.

Normally I am not at all one to gravitate towards the trappings and paraphernalia of blockbuster movies, but in this instance I admit I'm a fan. Perhaps less of the rather pricey dresses - although I do love the mockingjay print one, above - but more of the archery-inspired jewelry and graphic knitwear: I admit, they've made it onto my fangirl wishlist.


Emily said...

Love that dress!

Rebecca R said...

Me too!

Leah S. said...

That dress is unbelievable. Love the colours.