School-day Nostalgia

School Days

Lipstick: Joe Fresh Cuff: Ruche Tights: New Look Dress: Modcloth 
Pencils: Etsy Cambridge Satchel: Modcloth Shoes: Modcloth

For many this week marks the return to academia, be it school, university or heading back as a teacher or professor. I love this time of year, and especially since my sister is heading back to university this fall, I admit that I wish I was going back as well. There's just something so great about wandering through campus and attending each class for the first time.  

I don't know about you, but one thing I always looked forward to (and admittedly miss now) is back-to-school shopping, and picking out that first-day outfit. So to address my nostalgic need for scholarly style, I put together an ensemble that would be my pick, were I to be joining the studious masses this September. That said, it's also something I could quite easily wear to work, so this pretty little perfect fall dress might yet find its way into my wardrobe.


Leah said...

I'm not usually a dress person, but I love that dress!!!

Cee said...

I don't envy anyone going back to school, but I must admit that I often wish I still had an excuse to do back to school shopping! I'd pretty much want to pick up everything on your wishlist :)

Ester Durães said...

wow I am so much loving those shoes, they're gorgeous!!
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