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My shadow on the beach at Greenwich National Park
Almost a year ago, the lovely Ashley of Lions Lace Lattes challenged me to share 11 fun facts about myself after sharing a similar post on her blog. I thought to change things up (and since I'm still too sick to go out to shoot outfit posts) I might finally do it - better late than never as they say!

1  Walking on the beach is one of my favourite things to do - when it's warm enough! Especially at low tide. I miss the ocean desperately when I'm not near it.

2  My favourite books are Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

3  In junior high I was appeared in a commercial for PEI's now defunct telephone company, Island Tel. I was nicknamed "Island Tel Girl" for ages afterwards.

4  One of my proudest moments was during my undergrad when two classmates and I directed and produced a full length play - "Endgame" by Samuel Beckett - starring a few of our friends who also were seriously amazing actors. It is also a mini-tragedy because we don't have a film of the final performance.

5  Remember when Kristen Bell was on Ellen and talked about how if she was too much of any one emotion - really happy, really sad etc. she cries? That is my life.

6  I am most likely in countless PEI vacation photo albums around the world, because ever since I was a little girl, tourists visiting here would stop me and take my picture since I "look like Anne". Seriously, if you have one, check it. I might be in there.

7  I am a secret sci-fi fan. Or, perhaps not so secret anymore. Firefly & Doctor Who FTW!

8  Have you ever been hit on by a yodeller in traditional Swiss garb? I have. It's quite an experience.

9  I am confident I could quote the entirety of "The Princess Bride" from start to finish. I've seen it that many times. And never stop loving it.

10  Sirenella in Charlottetown and Town in Ottawa are my two favourite restaurants ever. Honourable mention to brunch at The Manx (also in Ottawa).

11  I have an unhealthy but serious love for cherry pie filling.

You officially have a peek into the dorkiness that is me. Feel free to share a fun random fact of your own in the comments!


Elise said...

Cherry pie filling? haha - I love it too!

Cee said...

You're one of the only people I've ever met who has read Sophie's World - never mind loved it! I think I'm going to track a copy down here, I need to reread it :) And as for cherry pie filling... don't get me started. All I need is the can and a spoon. So bad, but soooo good!

Rebecca R said...

Oh my goodness Cee, I think we are kindred spirits! :)

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