Karen Walker Sunglass Love

In my humble opinion, Karen Walker is the reigning queen of fantastic eyewear. Specifically? Sunglasses. Although I have yet to add one of her amazing pairs to my relatively small collection, I am once again finding myself coveting not one but many of her fabulous frames. I am especially loving the latest lookbook, featuring not only impeccable sunglass-style but also the incredible and inspiring ladies made famous by Ari Seth Cohen's fantastic blog, Advanced Style. It makes for one of the most winning combination I've seen in ages.

Photos via KarenWalkerEyewear.com


Jenna said...

Seriously amazing sunnies, and beautiful older ladies! Love this!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Great sunglasses and great photos.

xo Ashley

Elise said...

Loving all of these pairs! So fabulous!

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