Music Monday: Gabrielle Papillon

On my drive over to New Brunswick the other day I was listening to CBC radio when a show came on featuring musicians from the Maritimes. Always looking for new tunes to listen to and feeling especial love for artists from the east coast, I was instantly excited. When I heard the music play, my ears perked up at a familiar voice. As it turns out I had heard music by featured singer/songwriter Gabrielle Papillon before but not known it! I was excited to finally put a name to the music I'd previously enjoyed so much.

It was a fantastic feature and after listening to a excellent interview and a number of great songs I made a mental note to find her on itunes as soon as possible - and have since downloaded it. I've already listened to the album in its entirety several times and am officially a fan. I couldn't find a video for my favourite song, "Go Into the Night", but this beautiful video by the folks over at Southern Souls showcases two tunes from her album "Little Bug" that I also really enjoy - Coccinelle and the title track, Little Bug. Definitely worth a listen!

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Elise said...

Such a great video - and fantastic songs! I especially like "Little Bug"!

Gina said...

Both songs are fabulous. Will have to check out her site and have a listen to the album!

Beckerman Girls said...

Love it too! Especially when they pick up the guitar! Sooooo awesome! Girl power!
xoxo Beckerman Girls

Unknown said...

lve this!

Angela said...

great video!!

Angela Donava

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