Foolproof Nail Art: Let it Snow

Let me first say this - I am not a nail art pro. I wish I was, but I am cursed with shaky hands. Truth be told, I often have to fix the edges of my nails with a q-tip dipped in polish remover (although you can still see a couple of rough spots in my photos, I know). So if I can do this fun little holiday-inspired manicure, anyone can. That's where the foolproof part comes in.

What will you need? It's super simple. Find yourself some fun holiday colours. I went for Joe Fresh polishes in Evergreen and Ruby (Fun Fact: Joe Fresh 3 for $10 helped me justify Gold Glitter too), and my new bff, the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. Feel free to substitute your own Christmas-y or just plain wintry colours too! It's worth mentioning though that "Ruby" might just be a new favourite - it's a seriously lovely colour. But I digress.

Let it Snow Nails - How to:
1. Prep with base coat (I go for the Essie all-in-one that doubles as top coat too!).
2. Paint on two coats of your chosen colour(s). I used Evergreen as an accent nail, just for fun - but I think  having one sole background colour might be even nicer. Let dry. 
3. With nail art pen, cover each nail evenly with dots. I didn't want them spaced too carefully, I was going for a more random-snowfall look.
4. When the dots are dry, finish with a cover of clear topcoat. I've found the polish from the nail art pen can (but doesn't always) rub off if you don't.
5. Happily admire your finished work.

The nice thing about this simple mani is that it's done quickly. You won't be labouring for ages over each nail, but you'll still end up with a fun holiday look. Let me know if you give it a try (and tweet me a photo if you do! @lotsixtyfive)

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Elise said...

Might just have to try this!

Gina said...

Definitely will be trying this out! love it!

Jenna said...

Love this!

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