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Chloé Comme Parris

Toronto Fashion week(s) is a little confusing this year - the were the shOws, The Collections, and of course the regular  fashion week offerings, and a couple of pre-official-fashion week shows. All in all a bit of a mish-mash of fashion happening in Toronto, but in spite of the chaotic scheduling, there have been some great collections presented thus far. 

Chloé Comme Parris
Almost unfailingly the darlings of Toronto Fashion Week, sister duo Chloé and Parris Gordon of Chloé Comme Parris pulled out another great show this season. I loved the soft subtle colours and prints, the easy wearable separates, and a killer soft pink leather jacket (above center). I could easily imagine spending dreamy summer days in almost all of their looks - one of my favourites, for sure.

Jean-Pierre Braganza
Jean-Pierre Braganza presented his collection as part of The shOws, and his bold, graphic print and edgy urban-cool shapes were right up my alley. The stand-out (in my opinion at least)? The baby-blue biker vest. Win.

Tanya Taylor
Tanya Taylor is still pretty new on the scene in Toronto, but she's another new addition to my list of designers to watch. I admittedly always look for florals at springtime. Call me cliché, but I love them. And Tanya Taylor totally provided in such a fantastic way. I loved the feminine shapes, with modern cutouts, not to mention some fantastic 60's-esque floral prints, some of which had me thinking of wallpaper, but in the best way. Instant cult item? The floral print bomber (above, far right). 

Jeremy Laing
Although his aesthetic is not one that I personally gravitate to and wear regularly (a little too edgy and modern for me) - I was still majorly impressed with the collection from Jeremy Laing. Like many shows from the many recent international runway shows, all white looks played a role here, but there was a wider array of, well, non-colours. Namely black, grey, metallic, and a little graphic print. The layering was expert, and the sporty details were fantastic Highlight: Tear-aways! Did you guys love those as much as I did in the 90's? Well they're back! And so much better! 

If you check out the complete collections from these designers as well as the full slate of shows in Toronto, is my go to. They post fantastic photos of each look from every show, and for those of us outside TO, it's a no-brainer for keeping up with the fashion week action.

All photos by Jenna Marie Wakani & Steve Alkok for Fashion Magazine

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Unknown said...

Awesome collections! I love the outfits:)

Leah said...

Beautiful. I love the Chloe collection! The fabrics are perfect.

Clara Turbay said...

it´s simple and great!

Sabrina said...

I always have a soft spot for Chloe. What's not to love about feminine and practical?

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous collections! I am really loving the Tanya Taylor pieces!


Angela said...

great collections!!

Jeremy Laing is the best for me!!
Angela Donava

Kimberly said...

Amazing runway picks!


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