Cat Tatts

Librarians love cats - I think this is a given. I am certainly no exception, and while I don't actually own a cat at the moment (trying not to fulfill the single cat-lady librarian stereotype), I do love them.  When I discovered these incredibly adorable tattoos by illustrator Harriet Gray I could not have been more excited to try them out.

They're just like the fake tattoos you used as a kid - slip off the transparent film, stick them where you want them to go, moisten (in my case with a wet facecloth) and you're done! So far I've had more than a few comments about them from folk I've seen on my travels around town today who thought they were real. I might be a cat-crazy lady (hopefully not a crazy cat lady!), but I'm not sure I'd permanently tattoo them to my wrists!

If you want your own cat tatts - or any other lovely illustrations of the non-tattoo variety, do check out Harriet's shop, or her official website

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Elise said...

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest!

Leah said...

ahha Oh my goodness, I can't believe they make temporary cat tattoo's! I want one.

Petite Adventures said...

I can't believe those are temporary - there's so much detail! So cute!

Kate xo

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