Style Q & A: Heels for a Flat-Lover

I put out a call on fb and twitter for any style questions you'd like to see answered here and to start things off is a question from my friend Nancy, a fellow redhead and Islander to boot! She is a big fan of flats, and doesn't feel quite so comfortable in heels. Her main question? Looking for a pretty pair of easy-to-wear heels that go with everything from workwear to skinny jeans to skirts and dresses.

Easy Heels
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I chose some different heel types and styles to give an idea what to look for if a towering stiletto is not your thing (I love 'em, but they are hard to wear sometimes).

One - Okay, I admit that this isn't a completely flat platform sandal (or flat-form as they are sometimes called) but it is pretty darn close. These are a great option for a bit of height with lots of comfort, since it almost feels like you're wearing flats with such a gentle rise.  I personally love this pair from Madewell, but this is a fun shape to look for, especially in summer

Two - This is a much  more pronounced platform, so a fair bit more height here. But fear not! These are can still be really easy to wear because they are generally wider (read: more stable) on the sole and are also easy on the feet!

Three - A classic black heel is a must-have. Of all of these, this is  the one that will literally go with everything. You really can't go wrong.  I picked a sturdy heel version from the folks at Seychelles - you'll feel much more firmly planted than in a stiletto.

Four - The low-mid heel. Not too high, this is a good choice for ladies not used to towering at great heights who still want a bit of a lift. The low heel on these makes them a comfortable style with many fabulous options to choose from, for example the wide selection at Aldo.

Five - Wedges! These have (in most, but not all cases) a stable heel that makes for easy walking and relative comfort although in this Kate Spade pair, the lack of platform at the ball of the foot might make these a pair to get used to.

Six - Last but certainly not least, these will probably be the pick of choice for my flat-loving friend. The hidden heel! A hidden wedge gives the tiniest bit of height without sacrificing any of the comfort. If you want to test the waters, this is the perfect shoe for you.
Fancy Flats
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I thought I also should throw in a few ideas for flats that are equally versatile, and make up my favourite must-have shoe styles.

One - Ballet Flats! I cannot sing the praises of these enough. I would have a rainbow array of colours if I could but the first two shades to choose if you're adding these to your shoe collection would be black and nude.

Two - Black flats. The ultimate style chameleon, these go with everything. I picked a patent J Crew pair here, but I have had black flats in various incarnations and worn them until they are literally falling apart (I have a tough time saying goodbye to favourite shoes, ok?). Wardrobe staple! 

Three - Pretty details! Flats are pretty simple, but if you can find a pair with a simple detail - whether it is a pretty scalloped edge like this ChloĆ© pair, bright colours, tassels or whatever your heart desires, a special detail can add interest!

Four - Oxfords! A classic. These have had a resurgence in the past few years it seems, and are, in my opinion, timeless. In traditional neutral leather, or as seen above in a fun purple suede, or even in gold metallic as seen in the Joe Fresh Fall 2011 collection - these are a great addition to any shoe collection that you'll wear for ages.

Five - And finally the penny loafer. I have a lovely basic black pair (Thanks Ale!) that I wear constantly - they are the perfect librarian shoe after all - but fun colours like this minty pair from Asos make for a fresh take on an old favourite.

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Nancy said...

Thanks Rebecca!! :) Can you tell me where the #6 "hidden heel" shoe is from? It's awesome! :)

Rebecca Jane said...

Yes! You can get them at Modcloth! I will post a link to your fb.

Chelle said...

Oh fabulous picks! It's true sometimes stilettos are not the best option when you want comfort but it's always nice to have a little bit of height! Especially for me - I'm just barely 5 feet tall!

Xo Chelle

Clara Turbay said...

i enjoy this blog.

franny beth said...

i love any kind of oxford but those lavender ones are darling. wherever did you find them?

Rebecca Jane said...

@ Franny Beth - they are from a british brand called Office. You can get the same style although only in a different colour, brown. No more lavender sadly!

Melissa Wright said...

Love this post! Shoes are always near and dear to my heart!

jas said...

love the wedges and mint loafers!

Maia Dobson said...

Those multi-colored strappy heals are so cute I want to add them in my shoe wardrobe! I love its color, its sleek and very unique design and how its going to be perfect for any attire just like my oetzi3300 shoes.

Anonymous said...

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