Music Monday: Twist in the Wind

It's been a while since I've featured songs by Island artists, and since I am once again living on my beloved PEI I thought I'd share this tune by folk-rock band Racoon Bandit. Most of you know (or can guess) that PEI is a pretty small place, where everyone knows most everyone else, or at least you can find a common connection.

 In this case? I went to high school with Racoon Bandit's front man, Fraser McCallum, although granted, I can't claim any cool cred since I don't really know him. Essentially I only vaguely remember him wandering the halls of Bluefield High around the same time I did. But I digress.

I've only recently downloaded their album, Into the Hills, and am loving it so far. My favourite tune (partly due to its awesome and utterly Canadian name in addition to fabulous sound): Wooly Toque. Perfect!

Like what you hear? You can download their album via bandcamp or itunes. Well worth it, in my humble opinion.

What are you listening to lately?



Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I like this song. Very mellow. And I really like the black and white video.

Also, wanted to let you know that I tagged you in one of my posts recently.

xo Ashley

Kristy said...

I really enjoyed this Becca! Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement. I hope the transition back to PEI has been great for you and you've settled in nicely! Miss you xo


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