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How perfect is this sweater for casual day at the library? I don't actually own a cat (don't really want to become the stereotypical cat-owning librarian, although I love them), but when I see one on a piece of clothing (or an accessory) I pretty much have to get it. Combine a cat with a book? I just can't say no.



Allison said...

Okay, after all my essays I owned up my overflowing bloglovin & saw this? Major squealing! I think we should both get it & wear them together! Can you imagine? Bahaha.

Despina T. said...

oh yes it's perfect.i adore owls.they are so cute!

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Okay, I know what you are thinking is this borderline lame sporting a cat tee? But, I have those thoughts all the time and you just have to know when it's not cool. So with that said, "YOU ARE TOTALLY COOL!!!"

I kind of love the vintag grey feel to it and the cat print is awesome!!



The Tiny Team said...

CUTE! I love this!

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