Music Monday: Safe & Sound

I know what you're thinking - two posts in one day? Seems like a lot for me, I know. But when my lovely friend Catie shared the news that Taylor Swift had done a surprise performance with my very favourite musical ensemble, The Civil Wars.

Add into the mix that it is a song from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games, and I love it even more. I read all of the books as soon as I could get my hands on them and am beyond ridiculously excited for the movie which comes out SOON! Plus, it is actually a really lovely, very pretty song - so have a listen!


Elise said...

Love this song! Can't wait to see the movie either!

Jenna said...

Such a pretty song!

monster cakes said...

This was amazing. Thanks for sharing! I'm such a Hunger Games and Taylor Swift geek. : P

Anonymous said...

Love this!!

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