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Although the tiny space of my current bachelor apartment doesn't allow for a lot of space for storage of any kind, let alone enough to house any of my numerous books (most of which are currently hiding in a certain PEI basement - thanks Mom & Dad), the perfect home library space is something that this librarian has been dreaming of for ages - makes sense right? Especially when you see cozy and pretty spaces such as the one above, or any of these or these, it's hard not to daydream a little.

Everyman's Pocket Poetry
Until I'm more settled and have my own space to finally set up a cozy home reading space, I'm content to simply purchase those items which will fill my shelves - the pretty books! I do find that books have become a bit of a design tool only - with etsy shops selling stacks of "vintage books", or designers using colourful books to provide a certain type of look that someone wants on their shelves. Personally, although I do love the aesthetic value of a book, but I also definitely want my own collection to contain items I actually am interested to read.

Penguin Hardcover Classics
 Luckily for people like me, a few different publishers are coming out with some seriously lovely looking books that also have content which a former English major and current Librarian like me will want to read and re-read. Beautiful AND smart? Yes please.

Vintage 21 - Random House
Although I have yet to add any of these lovely little tomes to my ever-growing collection of books, many of these titles would make great additions to my eventual home library, in addition to filling out my future bookshelves quite nicely. 


Melissa Wright said...

Love the look of that library do pretty !

Melissa Wright said...

Love the look of that library do pretty !

Petite Adventures said...

Love that picture of the library - it was my inspiration for my bookshelf, although mine pales in comparison haha

Unknown said...

oh so pretty!!!

emmi said...

Oh, I love that first picture!

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