Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress

I may be one of the only ones who puts together an outfit for the annual Christmas church service, but in my family we make a tradition of going to a service either on Christmas Eve, or this year, Christmas day.  I like to be festive for the holiday (hence my red dress and green bag)  but also keep things relatively simple and modest.  Here is what I plan on wearing this weekend  - most of these items (save the lanvin pearl cuff and the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag), or similar ones are already in my wardrobe, so I'll be packing them in my suitcase when I head off to PEI on Friday in preparation for the celebration.



melissa rose said...

Great outfit :)
I always attend church and i love getting dressed up for it too!

Have a blast in PEI!

Anonymous said...

That would be such a pretty dress for Christmas mass!

Kate said...

This is a perfect Christmas Day outfit!! I love this whole idea! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, lady!

Sarah said...

This is such a cute little Christmas outfit! I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend.

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