She Comes in Colour

In my wanderings through the many blogs I follow I often discover new shops, collections, inspiring images and in some cases, artists. I find myself very much drawn to watercolour of late, perhaps because it is the one paint medium that I could just never get right so my admiration for those who can is great. Liss' blog Daydream Lily is a constant source of inspiring finds for me (if you haven't seen it, you should check it out), and in one of her recent posts I discovered Australian artist Emma Leonard, whose dreamy ink and watercolour illustrations are absolutely lovely.

I took a peek in her shop and found a number of prints I would like to eventually add to the growing collection of art (mostly yet-to-be-framed) piling up in my apartment. The above are two of my favourites from among those featured in Ms. Leonard's etsy shop. And if you're seeking inspiration? Have a look at her gorgeous tumblr, here.

P.S. Sending a thank you to the lovely Leah of Little Red Purse for her sweet mention here!



Unknown said...

loving these!!!

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Clara Turbay said...

I find here great ideas and good taste!

danni said...

these are so so beautiful!

Nicky said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could create these!!! :D I'll just admire em

LoveK said...

WOW these are so stunning! I love...thanks for sharing and thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog.
Love K

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

These are truly amazing! <3 I'm obsessive over the mysterious red hair!

Lost in the Haze

Unknown said...

I LOVE that first picture! It reminds me of me! haha I am a redhead and love to read. =]


Unknown said...

I will definitely be checking this out! Her artwork is amazing! I admire people who can draw and paint so much!


the golden rose said...

these are beautiful.
xx sylvie

Leah said...

These water colours are beautiful. I have to start collecting art for my new place, this would be a great place to look.

xo L.

M said...

these really are quite gorgeous. watercolor is SO tough to work with, i agree on the admiration!
So What If I Like Pretty Things

The Fancy Drifter said...

These are seriously gorgeous!! Water colors are so beautiful, they just have such a nice delicate look to them :) Thanks for sharing!!

xo Danielle

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