Music Monday - Milo Greene

On Saturday I travelled to Montreal with two good friends to check out one of my absolute favourite musical duos and previous Music Monday feature, The Civil Wars. But an extremely pleasant surprise to the entire audience was the opening act, Milo Greene, a band based out of Los Angeles.They had a folky-vibe, with some great harmonies and an impressive ability to switch back and forth between instruments (one song in particular featured the most enthusiastic playing of the jingle bells that I have ever heard - hilariously awesome).

They had a fantastic energy on stage and before long everyone (myself included) was clapping along and interacting with this group - to the point that when they finished their set the crowd was on its feet and sent the members of Milo Greene off with a well-earned standing ovation.

 I'd never seen such an enthusiastic response to an opening in any past concert I'd been to, but these guys totally deserved it - they put on a fabulous show. Most of the audience headed out at the break (before The Civil Wars began their set) to purchase a cd.  I grabbed mine at the end of the night, and have already listened to it a few times since - loving it.

Although The Civil Wars were the major stars of the night for me, Milo Greene will definitely be on my list of new bands to follow. Have a listen and let me know what you think!



Elise said...

Really like their sound!

startupdance said...

Oh wow, that's some unique sounds! Loving it, is there a genre titled to this? It's definitely not Indie.

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