The Bookbinder

I am unabashedly, wholeheartedly, in love with these book-inspired heels from Anthropologie (kindly pointed out to me by my friend and fellow librarian, Lindsey). The appropriately named "Bookbinder Heel" itself actually looks like the spine of a book, happily resting on a shelf. This, clearly, is more than enough to set my little librarian heart a-swooning.

These beauties have officially made it onto my must-buy list. Piggy bank? Prepare to be raided.


Anonymous said...

ahh! amazing! they were totally meant to be yours!

xo danni

daisychain said...

they are actually amazing.

Maria said...

asdhak they're perfect! and look comfortable! and work for autumn because of the colors and who doesn't want to be academia-inspired as brisk autumn days come around?! Only thing is, if I buy them, I'll be torn whether to go out and show them off constantly or to curl up and read a book every time I see them. Shoe perfection.


Leah said...

These are the perfect shoes for you!
Have a great week!

xo L.

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