It's All in a Book

I love these pretty prints from Sophie Blackall. I think I stumbled upon them through the Kate Spade tumblr, and am so glad I did! These particular ones are from a series on missed connections: "based on real, anonymous messages posted online by lovelorn strangers", but the librarian in me loves that books feature heavily in these particular paintings. Who knew that bookshops and libraries are such a fantastic spot for romance?

I am always drawn to things that tell a story, and I love that within each of these pictures is a story of two people, of fleeting glances and furtive smiles and wishes for what might have been, or what is yet to come.

This last one was my particular favourite, and I loved it so much that I snapped it up out of Sophie's etsy shop right away. I haven't decided yet whether it will hang on my wall at home or be put up in a frame here at my desk (appropriately, in a library).


Kristy said...

I am huge on book stores. My boyfriend and I often frequent chapters and second hand stores just to browse and read. These paintings are "lovely" I kid I kid.. Thanks for your fantastic feedback on my post, it means a lot to me when people actually read the entire thing opposed to skimming a ginormous post to the bottom. I think you should frame the last one.. in my humble opinion :) x

P.S. You live in Ottawa!? I'm moving to North Bay at the end of the month.. blogger meet up!? I think that would be an awesome idea! I swear I'm not a 12 year old mexican or something crazeh!

A Fine Balance said...

I love books and these are super cute! yay fellow ottawa friend ahha

K A T H L E E N said...

these are so cute! love the first one.
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daisychain said...

LOVE these! xo

Anonymous said...

Book stories are great and these photos are so cute. I escpically love the last photo og them meeting through a bookshell - so adoreable! I think you should put it a fram at place it at your disk :)

Unknown said...

Wow I love them too!! <3 ... what is he doing with a knife at his back at the first picture??

Ashelle said...

A knife in his back? Why? It's interesting.
Thanks for sharing these.

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