Music Monday - The Wailin' Jennys

For this edition of Music Monday I thought I would share a group of singers that I grew to really like while living in Winnipeg (which is their home province) - The Wailin' Jennys.

 It might be that growing up singing folk songs in the Queens County Music Festival every year has instilled in me a love for all types of folk music. In any case, The Wailin' Jennys definitely fall into the folk category. They often sing traditional folk songs, or also their own original songs, mostly a capella, although they do play instruments as well.

I think what I like best about these ladies are their beautiful harmonies - their voices blend so beautifully, and don't need any special tricks to sound wonderful, they just do.

If you like what you hear, one of the "Jennys", Ruth Moody, has her own solo album. My roommate while I lived in the 'Peg introduced me to it, and I pretty much instantly added it to my itunes and have been listening to it ever since, along with the original Wailin' Jennys tunes. She is coming to Ottawa and performing at the NAC on the 3rd of May, and I'm hoping to check her out in concert then.

Hope you enjoy these ladies and their tunes! What is on your playlist lately?


Jenna said...

I love their sound - such pretty harmonies!

Elizabeth said...

I love their music! Great feature.

Unknown said...

wow she has a fabulous voice!

<3 steffy
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Unknown said...

Ooh I love their voices- beautiful! Right now I am loving Florrie- I found her on Youtube singing on a perfume ad and I'm hooked!

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