The Big © : Copyright and Fashion

I just finished a post on Chictopia about copyright and blogging which you can check out here. After doing lots of research, I had fashion and copyright on the brain. I kept my Chictopia post as brief as I could, but it is such a complex issue, especially since blogging and online media are such new mediums that copyright legislation has not really caught up yet. I found it all super interesting, but perhaps that is just the dorky librarian coming out in me.

During my research into copyright, style blogging, and fashion in general, I stumbled upon this video, a TED Talk (which are amazing, on so many fabulous topics) which talks about copyright in the fashion world. Although this particular talk really is more about copyright and how it applies (or doesn't) to fashion designers and less about bloggers, it is still totally well worth a watch.

What are your thoughts on copyright and blogging? Copyright and fashion? Fill me in.


daisychain said...

Copyright in general, to be is super important. It doesn't matter what it falls me blogs, books, music, photos are one and the same when it comes to stealing someone elses work.

Fab post xo

Chelsea said...

Awesome topic Rebecca! I really enjoyed this TED presentation- I always enjoy their videos related to fashion! Copyright is something that is important...especially when it is a direct literal copy of something. I think as bloggers, it's difficult to really copy right our content...there's lots of talk especially since the last IFB conference about trade marking your "brand". I find the way it easily becomes frustrating is when people directly steal images and copy them on their on website...without creditng or linking. I may have been guilty in my ignorant beginning but I take it seriously, out of respect, to ask people if I can build on their ideas, borrow their pictures, or mention them in my posts...and I always, always link! I've even, in the last few months, credit them with words as well and not just linking them with the click on their picture. Though we all borrow ideas, it's always nice to let others know we were inspired by them! You've kind of inspired me to start a blog post series on and related to this topic :)

Cee said...

It's hard for me to say where I stand on the copyright issue. I do believe in intellectual property but there are limits to all things. The sad fact- which is particularly clear in the movie industry, where remakes and sequels have become more prevalent than new features- is that human beings share a collective experience and therefore have a finite number of ideas/thoughts among us, many of which are similar (if not exactly the same.) Where the line is drawn between innocent imitation/similiarity of vision and actual copying is very difficult to say, in my opinion. Great post, though- extremely thought-provoking! I'm going to be mulling this over all day :)

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