Music Monday - The Civil Wars

 It has been a little while since my last Music Monday, and I thought it was high time that I share my newfound love for fantastic folk duo, The Civil Wars. I first heard mention of them via Relevant Magazine's weekly podcast (where, incidentally, I have discovered some great music on numerous occasions) and I decided to investigate. I was immediately hooked. Their style, sound, and serious songwriting skills were enough for me to become a fan pretty much right away. So, so good.

Luckily for me, on their Myspace page you can download a free live recording of one of their shows, seriously awesome. What I love most about that is the dorky and hilarious comments that both members, Joy Williams and John Paul White make throughout the show. It is very much worth the (free) download, you won't be sorry (Note - Barton Hollow is available there too!).  I think another winning factor, at least from my nerdy Canadian literature background, they covered Leonard Cohen's song, Dance Me To the End of Love. Poor Leonard, though a great Canadian poet you may be, these two sing your song so much more beautifully (Compare). Fantastic.

This first video is of one of their breakout songs, played on Grey's Anatomy (so I heard, since I don't actually watch that show) entitled Poison & Wine. It is so beautiful and sad and haunting. Have a listen!

This second video features the title song on their debut album, Barton Hollow. By far my favourite song, it has been on pretty much constant repeat on my ipod. I literally can't stop listening to this song.

I am very much hoping to be able to get myself to Toronto in April and finagle some tickets in order that I might actually be able to attend their only Canadian tour date thus far, fingers crossed.


Charmalade said...

Oh mannnn I just recently found out about this band, too! I really, really like the song Barton Hollow. To be honest, I wouldn't think that I'd like it in theory, but it's just so powerful and haunting (especially the music video-- it makes me think of lost summer days) that I have to be drawn to it. It's definitely a great song to play on repeat. :) This is a great choice, for sure.

Toast with Charmalade

Abi said...

Both songs are so beautiful. I really love the way their voice complement each other. Thanks for introducing me. I'll have Poison & Wine on repeat all evening now. Overkill?!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'd never heard of them. Thanks for sharing. Fantastic.

maggeygrace said...

OH MY GODDD. You might be my new favorite person in the world. I've heard of them, but never actually listened, and I just fell in love with BOTH of these. I'll have you know, I've played both on repeat for the last hour on your blog listening. LOVELY!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Wow love their music, thanks for introducing me!

Allison said...

Oh gosh, this was exactly what I needed this morning. I was feeling a little bleugh with a sick through, and now I have a... sick beat? hahaha I'm lame, but yes.

PS: Back to the Future thing: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!

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