A Doll's Life

Is it creepy or cool that these Japanese dolls are essentially living my life? They love style, they have red hair, blue eyes, wear glasses and are librarians.  I feel like a "chic librarian with good hair who enjoys classics like Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland wearing hair bows and Mary-Jane's" is a better stereotype to promote than the ladies who wear cats screen-printed on their sweaters. Who doesn't love a good Mary-Jane? Seriously. So good.

Is it creepier or cooler that if they weren't over $260.00 that I would actually be semi-interested in owning one? I think it is as a result of my history as a Barbie-doll obsessed child in combination with a strange fascination with what essentially is my life in miniature.


Angie He said...

Love it!! They actually look like you ;)
xoxo, Angie


Lee Oliveira said...

i love their outfits and also the dramatic/sexy poses
Lee x

Allison said...

Creepy: They look like they want to kill me
Cool: They look awesome
Creepy: They never blink
creepy: I want to copy a doll's hair
Cool: Tulle skirt!

I think the verdict is cool... haha

Silver Strands said...

Cute AND creepy Becca ... GREAT POST!

Anonymous said...

hehehe i love the doll, it's super cute!!


Holly said...

This is really creepy!
I think you should own one for sure.:)

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