Fruit Basket Upset

See this fruit basket? Apparently, it contains the very items that make up what you'll want to be wearing come spring, at least according to the both the lovely Stella McCartney and the fabulous Miuccia Prada, (and the less than stellar collection, Z Spoke from Mr. Posen - but I digress).

I was a little reminded of last spring at YSL (not that any of garments in these collections share many commonalities other than the contents of a fruit basket utilized in a variety of ways),

But also more particularly reminded of the dresses in YSL's 2001 Couture collection. If we're doing fruit for Spring 2011, where were the pineapples? Come on now.

In all seriousness, I have to say that although I totally, utterly loved the Prada collection, I think I'd stick to some of the other tropical prints, stripes, or beautiful bright colours that accompanied the more fruit-laden looks for spring rather than dressing in an all-over banana print. But I'll take Stella's citrus happily, any day.


Holly said...

I will stick with bright colors and a fruity cocktail. :)

nicolette said...

don't forget anna dello russo's insane fruit headbands!


daisychain said...

haha at least it's fun!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the way the bottom of that strawberry number falls. The rest of the items, let's just say you won't be finding anything quite like them in my wardrobe come spring :) Thanks for sharing Becca.

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